Streetwsie Maps 2016

It's not the years, it's the miles...

For over 30 years we have traveled the globe walking mile, by mile, by mile. Through the most beautiful cities in the world we explored tiny streets and grand boulevards, passages, alleys, dead ends, the sublime and the gritty, the familiar and the unknown, all in the quest to make the best map possible.

We did it in country after country, region after region and city after city. Not with satellite technology, but with shoe leather. We walked it, we drove it, we biked it and in some cases we ran it. Frankly, we're pooped.

So now, after all the miles, all the notes, all the sketches and the reams of research material, it's finally time to set aside the tools and retire (cue the band, release the confetti!!). It's time for a new adventure.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this and to all of you who came along on the journey, this fiesta of a life. We are forever grateful.

Bon Voyage à tous,

- Michael and Andrika Brown
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